Jazz Call Packages Hourly,Daily,Weekly and Monthly

Jazz has become the largest telecommunication company in Pakistan and it is growing with the passage of time every year. 55 million subscribers is a proof that Jazz has gained a huge user base throughout the country. The reason behind its excellence is amazing call, SMS and internet bundle offers. Jazz packages are here with a Jazz monthly call package, Jazz weekly call package, Jazz call package daily, and Jazz hourly call package.

Jazz has bagged enough customer reputation through its affordable and reliable package offers. And nowadays most of telecom users prefer to purchase Jazz SIM or transfer their network to Jazz. Therefore, Jazz lifetime call packages have everything which you want from any network.

Hence, Jazz network is determined to fulfill the requirements of its users by facilitating them with unique bundle offers. This largest telecom network brings different call packages for all the provinces and cities of Pakistan to end long distances. All the detail related to Jazz Call bundle offers are mentioned below.

Jazz Super Card Family

Jazz offers five call packages under Jazz Super Card Family which will surely bring relief in your busy life routine. Out of these five packages, two of them are weekly packages while you will find three monthly call packages in this Family offer.

You can just avail any of them according to your feasibility. These five Call Packages are Jazz Weekly Super Duper, Mega Super Duper Weekly, Monthly Super Duper, Jazz Super Duper Monthly Card, and Jazz Super Duper Plus Card.

Jazz customers will get Jazz + Warid 1500 Minutes and 2500 other network minutes in the Jazz call package of Weekly Super Duper and Mega Super Duper weekly.

Monthly Super Duper Jazz is here with 2000 Jazz + Warid Minutes off-net. The Monthly Super Duper Card offers free 2000 free On-Net minutes and 150 Off-Net minutes. Similarly, Jazz Super Duper Plus Card brings you with 3000 free on-net minutes and 200 off-net minutes.

You can choose any of these above mentioned packages and stay connected with your family and friends throughout the whole week or month. These packages are affordable and you can subscribe to these packages through activation codes.

Monthly Super DuperRs. 655 incl.Tax3000 Jazz Minutes Off-net: 165 Minutes 8GB Internet 3000 SMS30 DaysDial: *706#
Jazz Super Duper Plus CardRs.870 incl.Tax5000 Free On-Net Minutes 300 Off-Net Minutes 5000 SMS 17GB Internet30 DaysDial *707# Un-Subscription: *707*4#

Jazz Daily Call Packages

You will get different kinds of Jazz packages daily with amazing offers. Select the one that suits your routine and lifestyle. Here is mentioned Jazz call package daily for the prepaid customers.

Jazz packages for the prepaid users comprises of Jazz Day Bundle, Jazz Super F&F package, Super daily call offer and Jazz SIM Lagao offer. Prepaid Jazz users can dial 340 and enjoy unlimited on-net minutes through Jazz Day Bundle offer. However, Jazz Day Bundle offer is valid between 12 AM to 7 PM with 150 SMS and internet of 20 MBs.

On the other hand, Jazz Super F&F package is a good catch as it offers you with 100000 Free On-net minutes along with 100000 SMS. In Super Daily Call offer, prepaid customers can avail 300 free on-net minutes.

Jazz SIM Lagao Offer is here with 3000 Jazz & Warid Minutes and 3000 SMS. In order to avail this Jazz hourly call package, you must avail PKR 12 at first. After the utilization of this balance, you will receive 50 on-net minutes, 50 SMS and 50 MBs internet.

You can enjoy this Jazz hourly call package for the next 24 hours after consuming Rs. 12. However, SIM Lagao Offer of Jazz is not valid between 6 PM to 10 PM.

Jazz Har Din Package comes with 500 on-net minutes and 50MB internet. You can subscribe to these packages through applying activation codes mentioned below. Jazz call package daily is affordable and most of the people prefer to use 1 day or 24 hour package.

Jazz Super Plus OfferRs.31 incl.Tax500 On-Net Minutes 5 Off-Net Minutes 500MB internet + 500 SMS1 DayDial *558#
Daily Day BundlePKR 1520MB Data 300 Jazz Mins 300 SMS1 Day*340#
Jazz SIM Lagao OfferNA3000 Jazz/Warid Minutes (50 Minutes/day) 6GBs (Including 3 GB for WhatsApp) and 3000 SMS24 Hours (Valid for 60 Days)Dial *551#
Karachi Daily BundleRs. 13 Incl. TaxUnlimited on-net minutes 1500 SMS 250 MBs1 DAYDial *400#
Punjab Daily OfferRs 12 incl. TaxUnlimited Jazz Mins 250 MB Internet 1000 SMS1 DayDial *6000#
KP Daily OfferRs 13 incl. TaxUnlimited Jazz Mins 250 MB Internet 1500 SMS1 DayDial *291#
Sindh Daily offerRs 12. Incl. TaxUnlimited Jazz Mins 250 MB Internet 1500 SMS1 DayDial *522#

Jazz Call Bundle Offer – 3 Days

This bundle offer is perfect for those Jazz customers who prefer to use Jazz 3-day call package. Moreover, you will get 500 free on-net minutes for Rs. 36 inclusive of tax. Dial 211 and enjoy this Jazz 3 day call package to connect with your pals.

Jazz 3 Day Max offerRs. 40 Incl. Tax100 minutes 1 GBs3 DayDial *631#

Jazz Weekly Call Packages

Then comes, Jazz Weekly Call Package Prepaid with a number of incentives. Prepaid Customers of largest network can use weekly bundle offer, if it suits them.

There are four Jazz Weekly Call Package Prepaid; Jazz Hybrid Offer, Jazz Weekly All Network Offer, Super Duper Weekly Offer, and Mega Super Duper Weekly Offer. Jazz Hybrid Offer is valid for 7 days with 1000 free on-net minutes.

Dial 700 in order to activate the Jazz Weekly All Network Offer and get 1000 on-net minutes and 50 off-net minutes. If you are a Jazz Prepaid customer, then you can also avail Super Duper Weekly Offer and receive 1500 on-net and 50 off-net minutes.

Whereas, with Mega Super Duper Weekly Offer, you can avail up to 2000 on-net and 50 off-net minutes. You will find remaining information about these packages like price, SMS, Internet MBs and activation codes in the table mentioned below.

Jazz Weekly Hybrid OfferRs.140 Inc. Tax1000 Free On-Net Minutes Off-Net 30 Minutes 1000 SMS 1 GB Internet7 DaysDial *407# Un-Subscription: *407*4# Status: *407*2# Info: *407*3#
Jazz Weekly Social PlusRs. 160 Incl. Tax8 GB DATA (IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook & BiP) 500 Jazz Mins 25 Other Network Mins 500 SMS7 DAYSDial *668#
Jazz weekly PremiumRs.185 (Incl. Tax)4 GB DATA 50 All Network Mins7 DAYSDial *117*47#
Jazz Weekly All Network OfferRs. 191 (Incl. tax)3 GB DATA 1000 Jazz Mins 60 Other Network Mins 1000 SMS7 DAYSDial *700# Status : *700*2# Un-Subscription: *700*4#
Super Duper Weekly OfferRs. 239 (Incl. tax)1500 Free On-Net Minutes 60 Off-Net Minutes 1500 SMS 6 GB internet (3 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)7 DAYSDial *770# Status: *770*2# Bundle information = *770*3#
Jazz Lajawab Haftawar OfferRs 75 (incl. tax)2.5 GB ​DATA 2500 Jazz Mins 25 Other Network Mins 2500 SMS7 DAYSDial *565#
Jazz Weekly Super PlusRs. 282 (Incl. tax)5000 Free On-Net Minutes 80 Off-Net Minutes 5000 SMS 12GB Internet7 DAYSDial *505# Status: *505*2#
Jazz Work from Home BundleRs. 115 (Incl.Tax)12GB Data Unlimited jazz mins (8AM – 6PM)7 DaysDial *117*14#
Jazz Weekly Super MaxRs. 337 (Incl. Tax)30 GB ​DATA 6000 Jazz Mins 100 Other Network Mins 6000 SMS7 Days*506#
Sargodha Weekly Offer (Offer Valid for Sargodha Only)Rs. 100 (Incl. tax)2000 Free On-Net Minutes 2000 SMS 2GB Internet7 DaysDial *627# Status: *627*2#
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder OfferRs. 120 (Incl. tax)1000 Free On-Net Minutes 50 Off-Net Minutes 1000 SMS 1 GB Internet7 DaysDial *747# Status: *747*2#

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

With Jazz Monthly Call Package, you can get freedom for the whole month. Enjoy these amazing 30 day bundle offers and incentives. Monthly call packages include Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle, Jazz Monthly All Rounder Package, Monthly Super Duper, Jazz Super Duper Monthly Card, and Jazz Super Duper Plus Card.

Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle offers you with 10,000 free on-net Minutes. Jazz Monthly All Rounder Package provides its customers with 200 All-Network minutes, 1500 SMS and 5GB internet. Monthly Super Duper brings 2000 Jazz & Warid Minutes Off-net along with 100 Minutes 2GB Internet 2000 SMS.

On the other hand, Jazz Super Duper Monthly Card brings you with 2000 Free On-Net Minutes 150 Off-Net Minutes. And in the end, Jazz Super Duper Plus Card offers you 4000 on-net minutes and 200 off-net minutes.

You can collect more information regarding prices, activation codes, etc. from the table mentioned below.

Jazz Monthly Hybrid BundleRs.575 incl. Tax4 GB DATA 10000 Jazz Mins(Weekdays 333 On-net Mins/Day)(Unlimited On-net Mins on Sunday) 100 Other Network Mins 2500 SMS30 DAYSDial *430# Status *430*2#
Mahana Bachat OfferRs.130 incl. Tax4 GB ​DATA (Whatsapp, IMO & BiP) 300 Jazz Mins 40 Other Network Mins 2000 SMS30 DAYSDial *614#
Jazz Monthly PremiumRs. 650 incl.Tax25 GB DATA 250 All Network Mins30 DAYSDial *2000#
Monthly Super DuperRs. 655 (Incl. tax)8 GB DATA 3000 Jazz Mins 165 Other Network Mins 3000 SMS30 DaysDial: *706# Status: *706*2#
Jazz Super Mahana OfferRs. 454 (Incl. tax)10 GB DATA (5GB 2AM-2PM) 5000 Jazz Mins 150 Other Network Mins 5000 SMS30 DaysDial *529#
Jazz Super Duper Plus CardRs. 870 (Incl. tax)17 GB DATA 5000 Jazz Mins 300 Other Network Mins 5000 SMS30 DAYSDial *707# Info String: *707*3# Status String: *707*2# Un-Subscription: *707*4#
DG Khan Monthly OfferRs. 330 (incl. tax)2 GB Data​2000 Jazz Mins 200 Other Network Mins 4000 SMS30 DaysDial *705#

Postpaid Bundle Offers

Jazz is offering postpaid packages to its postpaid customers and they can choose any monthly package from the table mentioned below. There are four postpaid packages for the Jazz postpaid users. These are J 1500, J 999, J 600, and J 300.

J 1500 and J 999 provides you with unlimited access to Jazz and Warid minutes along with 700MB and 2000MB internet respectively. Whereas, J 600 and J 300 offers 2000 and 1000 Jazz & Warid respectively.

All of these Call Packages are available at affordable rates. Moreover, you will get SMS and internet MBs under these packages as well.

Gold BasicRs. 750 (Incl. Tax)Rs 10003000 Jazz Minutes 200 Other Network Minutes 3000 SMS + 10GB InternetDial 777
Gold PlusRs. 1350 (Incl. Tax)Rs 15006000 Jazz Minutes 400 Other Network Minutes 20GB Internet 6000 SMSDial 777
Gold UltimateRs. 2150 (Incl. Tax)Rs 200010000 Jazz Minutes 600 Other Network Minutes 40GB Internet + 10000 SMSDial 777

Bundle Offer: Sindh

Jazz has especially introduced call packages for the residents of the Sindh areas. They are Hyderabad, Dadu, Jamshoro, Kotri, Mirpur Khas, Tando Adam, Tando Alayaar and others. Under this package, you will get 200 on-net minutes for one day.

All the prices for the Jazz call package, Sindh are inclusive of tax. Just dial the subscription code and activate this package, if you are a resident of Sindh area.

Jazz Sindh Haftawar OfferRs.239 incl.Tax5000 Jazz Minutes 50 Off-Net Minutes 12 GB Internet (6GB between 2AM – 2PM) 5000 SMS7 DayDial *406#
Jazz Sindh Raabta OfferRs. 70 incl.Tax1000 Free On-Net Minutes 1GB Data7 DaysDial *766#

Bundle Offer: Punjab

Here is another Jazz call package for the residents of Punjab area. This special offer is applicable for the Jazz customers living in Mandi Bahauddin, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Jhang, Bhakkar, Sialkot, Mianwali, Hafizabad, Sargodha, Sheikhupura and other areas.

Above all, in this package, you will get 100 on-net minutes for 1 day for Rs. 7.2 inclusive of taxes. Apply the activation code mentioned in the table below and enjoy talking to your family and friends for the whole day.

Jazz Punjab Daily OfferRs.12 incl.TaxUnlimited On-Net Minutes 1000 SMS 250 MB Data1 DayDial *6000# Status *6000*2#

In case of any queries, feel free to contact us in the comment section below. Stay tuned, more updates regarding a call, SMS and internet packages of Jazz.

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